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Commissioner Jenkins
Commissioner Harvey

Dear Residents,

Weber County has always been a strong, unified, and connected community, a wonderful place to call home, and a place filled with people who look out for each other. Months of keeping apart has forced us into a new mindset and pushed creativity to new heights; the hardships have only emphasized how Weber County residents continue to look out for each other, just in different ways.

Through it all, we have witnessed countless examples of our residents pulling together, lifting each other up, and making meaningful contributions in whatever capacity they can. Often, it’s the small things people do that have made a real difference. We’ve seen residents checking in on loved ones more often and neighbors reaching out to each other by sending cards, making phone calls, and dropping off cookies. Extra time spent at home has enabled families time to clean out interior spaces, resulting in donations of surpluses of food and clothing to those who need it. People are spreading more good news and sharing stories about their lives in an effort to inspire. The community has supported each other by buying local and using resources more wisely.

Weber County residents are resilient. The pandemic has been hard, but in many ways, it has brought a lot of good to our community. We are stronger than ever. People in the community have been great about caring for others in the best way they can and have been diligent about social distancing and wearing masks to keep each other safe.

This magazine is a way to spread good news, be informative, and keep us all connected. We hope you will look forward to reading this publication and will reap the benefits of its news-worthy, inspiring, and informative content. We envision this magazine as a way for us to make our own small contribution to a thoughtful, thriving, and connected community. As your commissioners, we couldn’t be prouder to serve you and be a part of your lives.

Jim Harvey, Gage Froerer, Scott Jenkins

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