Hooper Events


Jr. Rodeo Queen Contest

Friday, July 30th – 6 p.m.
Raw Ute Ranch
3051 S. 5100 W.

Saturday, July 31st – 9 a.m.
Riding Arena
6100 W. 5500 S.
Entrance Fee: $25

Age Groups:
5-8 – Jr. Princess
9-12 – Princess
13-15 – Queen

Rodeo Queen Contest

Open contest for all single women between the ages of 16-24

Saturday August 7th
6:00 p.m. Raw Ute Ranch
10 a.m. Hooper Rodeo Arena

Registration Fee: $50
Saddle will be awarded to the winner

Applications must be received no later than July 20th

For information and an application : www.hoopercity.com

How Can You Reduce Stormwater Pollution?

Motor oil, antifreeze, pet waste, fertilizers, pesticides, detergents, yard debris, litter, sediment, and car wash runoff water have a major impact on the quality of stormwater runoff, which negatively affects downstream waters. Certain products and practices are necessary to maintain automobiles and homes. That makes it even more important to follow label instructions carefully and to properly dispose of any excess. If you have questions about disposing of car care products, lawn and garden supplies, or household hazardous waste, contact:
Weber County Solid Waste Management
867 Wilson Ln,
West Haven, UT 84401

In addition, there are some simple things you can do around your home to ensure that you do not negatively impact stormwater runoff from your property, such as the following:

• Sweep street gutters and driveways often and place the sweepings on the garden compost pile or in the trash.
• Prevent soil or mulch from being washed or blown off the lawn or garden.
• Rake up leaves or lawn clippings and use them as mulch on a garden or compost pile.
• Seed or replant areas of disturbed soil.
• Consider natural alternatives to pest control chemicals.
• Maintain the car, repair leaks, properly dispose of fluids, and clean up oily spills using cat litter .
• Use the minimum amount of non-phosphate detergent for car washing .
• Wash your car on grass or gravel, or take it to a commercial car wash, where the water is recycled.

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