Letter to the Commissioners

Dear Editor,

This past summer, my wife and I were granted a business license to establish Wild Turkey Lodge Bed & Breakfast in Huntsville, for which we are very grateful! We love Ogden Valley for the many recreational opportunities it brings.

We have a separate, small, one-bedroom cabin on our property, which is ideal for 30+ day rental for affordable housing for seasonal workers, new families, and transitional housing for people who need longer-term lodging. We intend to offer this cabin to renters on occasion, but to do so, we were in need of a fair decision by the County Commission to delegate the separate cabin as ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). As it stood, there was an existing double standard, to which costs of TDR’s could be tacked on to business owners in “the valley“ for the purpose of utilizing an ADU property, but the same could not be applied anywhere else in the county.

We sincerely appreciated the privilege of speaking before the commission to address our concerns/issues and we were happy that a decision about ADUs was reached rather than put off. It will end the confusion and allow development of affordable housing in our community. Of course, we are most pleased to learn of the potential grandfathering of our separate cabin, and an opportunity to offer transitional housing for folks in need without having to purchase a TDR.

We couldn’t be more pleased to live in the Ogden Valley/Weber County knowing that our government is thoughtful, transparent, and responsive to the needs of its citizens. These compliments are well deserved, as we have been welcomed and treated so well as a start up business. The Planning Department, both Commissions, and the community at large have been so supportive.

Glenn Croydon

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