The Clerk/Auditor’s Office Services

The Clerk/Auditor’s Office is responsible for a wide variety of public services, including marriage licenses, processing applications for passports, tax-exempt organizations and tax relief, managing the property appeal process, managing the county budget and creating financial reports, accounts payable, procurement, and elections, as well as being the county’s record keeper.

Plan ahead for passports!

You can learn more about each of these services through

Quick Tips:

• With travel restrictions lifting, many people are applying for passports. Plan ahead! Current Department of State processing time is about 12 weeks. To learn more or set an appointment to submit your passport application, go to

• Property valuation notices will be mailed in July. Please review it carefully to make sure everything is correct – your taxes are based on this document.

• You or someone you know may be able to have your property taxes reduced. For more info, go to

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