Spend Less Time Cleaning Your Perfect Bathroom

“Every woman wants the perfect bathroom. And she doesn’t want to spend all her time cleaning it.”

ReBecca Erdmann – Sand & Swirl, Inc.


ReBecca Erdmann has been an essential part of Sand & Swirl since 2005. She left a 20 year career in management to work full time with her husband Corey, and together they have built it into the thriving company it is today.

ReBecca has tuned into the needs of her customers. “Everyone woman wants the perfect bathroom. And she doesn’t want to spend all her time cleaning it.” She has made it her specialty to help everyone get their own perfect bathroom.

ReBecca and her Yorkie, Cowboy, handle the day to day operations of the company. They oversee the financials, marketing, HR, sales, and manage the showroom. “We want our showroom to feel comfortable and friendly. It’s a space designed to let your creativity run wild.”

Over the years, Sand & Swirl has grown from a two person operation to a team of eighteen. They provide bathroom upgrades all up and down the Wasatch Front. As they started their business, their goal was to provide the best quality materials and finest craftsmanship. They want their work to last, and to be enjoyed for years to come. It was important to them to provide a product that would save people time, and reduce stress and worry about water damage and mold. They wanted to be able to offer lots of custom options, tons of style choices, and to be able to fit into any budget. Sand & Swirl manufactures custom composites right here in their shop, so they can fabricate a product to match the size and shape of your room.

Have you been dreaming of a new bathroom? Maybe it’s time to take a tour of the showroom and get some new ideas. ReBecca and her team love doing design consultations. Each project starts with one. They review all the options with the client, and talk about materials, style, and budget. Customers can see examples of the different surfaces so they can visualize what they’ll look like in their home. ReBecca and her team are constantly updating in order to stay on top of new trends in color, texture and design.

Your bathroom is one of the most used areas of your home, and most people’s least favorite area to clean. Why not make it easier on yourself? Sand & Swirl has thrived on helping people make their cleaning easier. Rebecca said, “People come in all the time saying, I am so tired of cleaning that grout!” Is it time for you to let your old bathroom go?

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