Brightening People’s Smiles and Increasing Their Confidence

Tamera fell in love with the idea of brightening people’s smiles and increasing their confidence.

Tamera Sevilla – Elegant Ivory Teeth Whitening

About three years ago, Tamera Sevilla felt a burning desire to become a business owner. She didn’t know at that time what business she would start, but she was in the search for something that she would enjoy.

After speaking with her sister-in-law who owns New Age Beauty Bar Academy, an academy that teaches multiple beauty trades, Tamera fell in love with the idea of brightening people’s smiles and increasing their confidence. She decided to take the course, and her dream is now a reality with Elegant Ivory Teeth Whitening in North Ogden. She was certified with two Utah teeth whitening academies.

Teeth whitening can whiten your teeth up to four shades and remove staining. Typically, a treatment takes an hour and a half. Within that time, three separate treatments are applied and then placed under a blue ultraviolet light, which activates and speeds along the whitening process. Most people have a phone consultation to start and get their questions answered. If someone has particularly stained teeth, it might take up to four appointments to get the desired results. Most people don’t experience much discomfort, but some might experience sensitivity. Overall, teeth whitening can do a lot to increase one’s confidence in his or her smile.

Tamera also went back to school recently and took a course on permanent makeup. She can do micro-blading and scalp micro pigmentation. Micro-blading is for semi-permanent eyebrows, and scalp micro pigmentation is for anyone experiencing hair loss. Men or women can have hair line pigmentation added, which helps hair look fuller and gives thinner hair a base of hair follicles and strands.

Tamera is quick to give credit to her husband, Joel, as Tamera has had to go to school, learn a new trade, work part time, and manage a home with three children. The business would not exist without his support. It also might not exist if she didn’t have a caring and supportive boss in Dr. Andy Rockwood of Rockwood Optometry in North Ogden. He not only refrained from shutting down her dreams of becoming a business owner, but he became a mentor of hers. He even allows her to lease some space within his practice for her business.

She is extremely grateful and feels blessed to have both Jova Thomaz from New Age Beauty Bar Academy and Andy Rockwood from Rockwood Optometry as mentors.

We are so excited for Tamera to have followed her dreams to become a business owner. Well Done!

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