She Came From Switzerland to Farr West, Now Her Clients Feel Like Family

“I love working in my own community, …among my friends and neighbors.”

Nicki Seamons – Insurance Center, LLC.


Nicki Seamons is originally from Leysin, Switzerland, and has been in the US for 27 years. She came to the U.S. in 1994 for a short visit, but then she met her wonderful, now, husband, and she’s been here ever since.

Nicki loves to read, run, hike, camp, and enjoys the outdoors. She went back to work after raising her three daughters. She has known Shawn Iverson, the founder of The Insurance Center, for two decades, but began working at The Insurance Center in 2012. “When new clients call in and they’re frustrated with their existing insurance situation, I love to be able to help them find a carrier that fits their needs better and saves them money at the same time. Some of our clients have come to feel like family, and I love to go the extra mile for them.” The Insurance Center moved into their new office in the Knight Building in Farr West in July of 2020. They have loved the new area and getting to know the people. Nicki says, “I love working in my own community, close to home, and being among my friends and neighbors.”

Chelsea George has a background in healthcare and customer service, and she loves working in the insurance industry. The Insurance Center has provided a pleasant and friendly work environment. “It’s a small office and very personable. Everyone knows everyone else; it’s like a huge family.” Chelsea has five kids, and they do a lot of camping, and fishing. She loves to bake and cook, and spend time with family. Since the move to Farr West, The Insurance Center has loved their new office and being part of the community. “It allows us to be better in touch with the community,” Chelsea says. They look forward to continuing their pattern of growth.

Like both Nicki and Chelsea, Kristen Ferrin, another employee at The Insurance Center, loves her coworkers and likes the office atmosphere. “It feels like a family, and I like that we treat our customers the same way. We try really hard to meet the needs of our customers and find the best insurance for them,” says Kristen. As COVID-19 wraps up, they are looking forward to getting out into the community even more.

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