Country Gardens Nursery


A family-owned business that offers everything your yard and garden needs to look beautiful!

Country Gardens have many amazing flowers that are grown locally.

Country Gardens is one of Weber County’s best kept secrets which was originally a chicken farm run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is located on 4000 S in West Haven. The farm eventually became a nursery run by the honor system, where you could take a plant and put money in a box. Thirteen years ago, Kim Hunter took over and became a full-service nursery operator. Kim has a degree in Landscape Architecture and has always wanted to own a nursery. Therefore, a dream became a reality.

Kim has the perfect background to run a nursery, not only formal training as a Landscape Architect, but also a love for plants and growing things. He has made it a focus of his nursery to grow most of their plants right on the property. Most nurseries contract with commercial growers to have their plants started off site, and then they sell them from the nursery. Kim has several green houses, and they start their plants from seed right on property. Country Gardens is such a great nursery for plant lovers, thus, the saying that they are Weber County’s best kept secret. You will notice that there are often local high school youth who work there, as Kim believes it is a great way for the young people to learn work and to gain a passion for horticulture.

Their specialties include locally grown and cultivated plants with a special understanding of our local soil and weather conditions. Country Gardens has some amazing varieties of popular fruits and vegetables. With over 100 varieties of tomatoes (yes, you have read this right: over 100 varieties!), you have to check it out. They have all the standard favorites but also some new options that you probably haven’t tried yet. They also have some heirloom strawberries that thrive in our unique climate. They have a huge selection of trees and shrubs, which are the only thing they don’t grow at their nursery in West Haven. They bring those in from specialists in those types of plants.

Country Gardens offers everything you need for fairy gardens and outdoor decor to make your landscaping fun!

One of their best kept secrets is that they have some amazing flowers also grown locally. They put together beautiful hanging flower baskets that are some of the most gorgeous, available anywhere in the county. Kim often hears customers say, “Wow! Your baskets are bigger than anywhere else and a lower price.” There is a benefit to growing nearly all of your own plants.

At Country Gardens, you will find plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, garden decor, lawn maintenance, edible garden starts, pots, planters, landscape supplies, garden tools, and insect/pest control.

This is a true family-owned local business founded by Kim Hunter. They have a larger-than-expected selection and a quality that most are surprised by. You just have to stop by and see for yourself. Whether you are trying to beautify your landscape or you want to grow an edible garden; come in and see why it’s Weber County’s best kept secret!

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