When Randy Stanger, Jeff Spencer’s uncle and business partner of 28 years, passed away, Jeff liquidated the inventory at Kent’s Sports and closed his doors. It only took about three months for him to grow restless and decide to reopen. Having grown an already successful business that was started by his grandparents, Kent and Evona Stanger, in 1949, Jeff was accustomed to working very hard. He wanted the reopened store to be more friendly to his newly acquired lifestyle as a grandpa.

The store has had many iterations over the years, including jewelry, firearms, ammunition, reloading supplies, bicycles, sports equipment, gun safes, and BBQ grills. Jeff knew that he could have a simpler business that was easier to run and much more lifestyle friendly. Today, Kent’s Sports Store is a specialty store that is the 12th largest Browning Gun Safe dealer in the US and one of the top dealers of Green Mountain Grills.

There is not a better place in the state to see all of the technology and newest offerings from Browning for gun safes. They have everything. Items range from the small handgun safes that have biometric sensors and spring-loaded doors (which give access to the owner when needed), to a vault door that can be built in to your home and provide a safe room for, not only your guns, but also your family, in case of an emergency. Every shape, color, and size imaginable are available, along with some of the best technology in safes today.

The other half of the newer and more simplified offerings are pellet wood grills. Kent’s Sporting Store has long been a large dealer of pellet grills. In fact, they introduced pellet grills to Utah many years ago, and they were the first dealer of Traeger Grills in the state. With many years of experience and expertise in grills, Jeff has researched each of the manufacturers of pellet grills and found an exceptional value in Green Mountain Grills. These grills are quality made and boast some unique features. Perhaps one of the best features is 110v or 12v battery operability. This means you can plug the grills into your cigarette lighter in the car or clip to a battery and run the grill. You can take your grill camping or, better yet, use it in an emergency.

Jeff has found that pellet grill BBQ’s are the best for, not only safety and storage reasons, but also far superior in terms of cooking and flavor. Cooking over wood has long been considered the best way to maximize flavor. Pellet wood grills make this easier by using real wood pellets that can be fed into a chamber and used as needed to keep a consistent temperature. You can choose the flavor of the wood as well; flavor choices include mesquite, hickory, apple, cherry, and more. Each different wood imparts its own special flavor into the food as it is cooked. There is no better flavor than wood-cooked food. The versatility of wood pellets can’t be matched.

Kent’s Sports Store has now been open for 72 years. Today, it is a great place for both gun safes and wood pellet grills and supplies.

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