Western Influence is Everywhere


Western fashion has always been my favorite, and to see that it has really become more and more popular in mainstream fashion is just amazing! You can see western influence in just about all the major retail stores and smaller boutiques now. Who would have thought that you’d see cow print shoes and a snakeskin-look jacket with fringe in Nordstrom? You also see more people shopping at the western stores who aren’t cowboys or cowgirls but just love incorporating some of the looks into their wardrobe.

Concho belts and anything fringe makes an outfit fun.

Western wear is comfortable and versatile, and a cowboy hat, tooled belt, leather-fringed jacket, and cowboy boots are timeless classics that will never go out of style; they can be matched with so many outfits! You may have also noticed that western wear has gone from the yoked shirts and boot-cut jeans in a western store to clothes and jeans in bright colors, bling, studs, and sparkle. Take note of beautifully embroidered shirts, bell-bottom pants, and decorative statement cowboy boots, shoes, and sandals. Hoodies and t-shirts with western graphics are everywhere. Animal prints and vibrant serape colors get everyone’s attention! Beautiful silver and turquoise jewelry, fringe, animal prints, serape and tooled handbags bring a western look to any outfit, and there are affordable versions of that look. Concho belts that fit on the hip and anything fringe makes any outfit fun!

You really can’t go wrong with western. It’s just too cool! Have you noticed how many celebrities wear western? We have many stores here in Utah, and especially Weber County, with great western clothing. It’s so easy to find, and we are lucky that they are so close. If you are looking for something in particular, you can message me for store info and locations. We also have many online boutiques with great western wear! Keep in mind that fashion is what you buy, and style is what you do with it. Have some fun! Make up your own rules. Add some vintage pieces and some western to your wardrobe and show it off. Make your style a reflection of your personality!

If you need help, call or message me; I’m always glad to help! For any questions or comments, shoot me an e-mail at RockinHH@gmail.com.

Serape colors and the leather detail on these accessories bring a western look to any outfit.

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