Reflections of a Cowboy: My Favorite Time of Year


My favorite time of the year is finally here. It’s summer time, which means rodeo season. We’ve waited all year for this moment, from freezing our tails off feeding horses all winter and spending all spring getting them back into shape to practicing whenever we can to prepare ourselves. It’s time to finally shine.

Rodeo season, to me, means the smell of concession stand hamburgers and a freshly watered arena. It sounds like a crowd singing along to “Sweet Caroline,” the buzzer after an eight-second ride, and young cowboys and cowgirls sitting on the top rail of a fence watching their mother and father live their dreams. It means young competitors getting their first taste of rodeo, and veteran competitors just trying to get enough money to get to the next rodeo. So, here are my words of advice for all you cowboys and cowgirls who are trying to make your most out of your July run.

For all you veteran ropers, barrel racers, bull riders, and bronc riders, do what you know how to do and capitalize on every chance you get to win. Stay safe; you’re not as young as you once were.

For you young men and women trying your hand and dipping your toes into the world of professional and amateur rodeo, take your best shot, do what you do in the practice pen, and let your hard work speak louder than someone’s luck.

Ladies and gentlemen, support your local small-town rodeo, whether entering and trying to win or paying your ticket to watch, because if you do, there will be another rodeo next year.

We’ve been waiting all winter long for this moment. Make the most of it and don’t forget to be proud to live in the great country we do. With that being said, God bless rodeo, and God bless America.

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