Message from the Commissioners

Commissioner James H. “Jim” Harvey
Commissioner Scott Jenkins
Commissioner Gage Froerer

Weber County has seen its share of residential and economic growth in recent years, and this trend will not decline in the future.

Weber County is becoming increasingly popular among families for its affordability, desirable job opportunities, excellent schools, and its close proximity to the greater Salt Lake City area. Recreational areas, ski resorts, and the beautiful landscape also add massive appeal for residents and visitors alike. Long-time residents of Weber County have raised their children here, and those children hope to raise their children in this great area. 71.4% of the county’s projected growth is from our own posterity.

This popularity has an economic plus side, bringing an influx of spending, jobs, and a community feel for families and the like to gather in our great county. This growth can also have its challenges, such as increased traffic and excessive demands on water, sewer, and power, but the challenges can be met, and their effects minimized, through responsible planning and forethought.

Growth is inevitable and requires community input, careful planning, and most of all, a vision of the future. With careful planning and vision, the transition can be made with harmony. Designated spaces for community centers, commercial opportunity, parks, and green space can be integrated with tree-lined residential neighborhoods. Roads will be carefully planned to minimize noise and congestion, and utilities will be expanded and upgraded to meet demand and efficiency.

As Weber County Commissioners, we understand the dynamics of what growth entails and are continually evaluating and strategically planning for the expansion of the county and its infrastructure. We are thoughtful and careful in making decisions that will positively impact the future of the county, but we can’t do it alone. When moving forward with building out a master plan, it is very important that residents be involved in determining what they envision Weber County to be like in 30 years. We encourage all to attend meetings and share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with our planning commission as they move forward in their general plans.

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