She Empowers Women in a Male-Dominated Industry

According to coworkers, Selene Rodriguez is a “rockstar” and “tremendous leader.” Thanks to her efforts, Capstone Nutrition has not only recruited talent but also kept them around. As a result, she’s working tirelessly from the workday’s start to finish in order to be there for her employees.

Selene graduated from Weber State University with a bachelor’s in Human Resource Management. Now, she’s an HR Manager for Capstone. Her department focuses on those new to the manufacturing industry. With grants from the Governor’s Economic office and committing much of her schedule, Selene developed an onboarding program, including a Manufacturing 101 crash course for new hires. To complement the onboarding program, she facilitates key touch points after 30, 60, and 90 days of employment.

Then, she helps retain them by implementing an initiative geared towards empowering women to develop and grow in a male-dominated industry. Capstone’s recent acquisition by Innovations in Nutrition and Wellness opened the door to more positions. Since then, hardly anyone wanted to leave. Instead, they stay and grow with the company.

Lately, Selene uses her spare time to pursue her MBA at WSU; however, she happily continues working full time because she knows leadership values the workforce.

“I know that it’s making a difference in people’s lives,” she said.

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