It’s All About Being Kind

Lewis Decker works for Weber County Property Management at the 12th Street correctional facility. If all the inmates have heat, air, and a flushing toilet, he is doing his job; however, Lewis gives more than that. He will always exchange a smile or ask how the inmates are doing, whether they are in the maximum or lowest level of security. “Several have approached me when they’re released. I tell them I like seeing them out here instead of in there. It’s all about being kind. You don’t know how they were brought up.”

Lewis sees how the trajectory of his life could have easily landed him in a similar situation, had he not been adopted when he was seven days old. His biological mother is deaf and developmentally delayed, and Lewis’ older sister had special needs. Doctors thought his case would be similar. His upbringing made all the difference. His dad was the guy who paid for others’ groceries. Lewis’s mom taught him to stay positive and look for the good. “Religious or not, there are two important things, love yourself and love your neighbor…I haven’t always lived that way, but the past three years working at the jail has really opened up my eyes.”

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