Unconventional Solutions to Everyday Problems

Braden Smith comes to work every day ready to work and to answer some pretty tricky home improvement questions. Dallas Green is the kind of store people come to for unconventional solutions to everyday problems. Now, after over 17 years, Braden has helped all sorts of locals with their various problems as the West Haven store manager. He established the bulk section in the parking lot roughly seven years back. It’s set up with gravel, compost, bark, and more, which customers can get creative with. Once, when someone came in wanting some padding on his trailer for their duck boat, Braden cut them a piece of stall matting that fit perfectly.

Dallas Green opened his store in 1954. Today, his son, Korry Green, runs the company. Customers return again and again for that small family store feel. There are times when it’s more complicated to search the internet for home improvement tools. Instead, come to Dallas Green with a question and leave with a solution in your hand. Just like its loyal customers, you’ll find that the store’s relaxed environment is more enjoyable than a google search. You won’t even have to fight traffic to get there.


www.dallasgreen.com / (801) 731-0331
3752 S. 4700 W., West Haven, UT 84401

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