DOIN’ IT RIGHT – Outstanding Local Kids


Tayli Petersen

Tayli Petersen is a sweet and fun 15-year-old sophomore at Fremont High School. She likes to make people laugh by talking in different accents. She is the oldest of three children and the only girl. Her most liked subjects in school are math and health, and she hopes to pursue a future in the medical field. This amazing young lady loves to play soccer, and she just earned her place on the high school team. She likes to ride horses, camp, swim, and go boating. She is a member of the 4-H group ‘Hold Your Horses’ in Marriot-Slaterville. Tayli shares that 4-H has taught her patience, hard work, dedication, and respect. She says that it is preparing her to become a mom “because you don’t get a day off when you have a 4-H project”. Her most challenging 4-H experience was last year with her jumpy lamb “Leo”. As challenging as that experience was, it is now one of her most rewarding memories and experiences. This year, she is preparing for the Weber fair with a new lamb named Kava, which is a name derived from two of her friends’ names. 4-H has made her want to work harder in her life. Tayli was a 4.0 student in junior high and received a Presidential Award for that achievement.

Rylan Doak

Rylan Doak is a 15-year-old 4-H, farmer, wrestler, roper, and the best little big brother around, just to name a few of his activities. He lives on a small family farm in Warren, Utah. He is the youngest of three and a big help to his older brother who has special needs. Rylan spends much of his time being a caretaker, role model, and friend to his big brother. And while that is impressive on its own, he has also learned how to balance his time to find his own identity and passions in life, one of which is farming. Rylan works for Jimmy Wayment on his farm. He has learned to drive multiple types of equipment as well as learning some of the original ways of working, such as moving cattle on horseback. He says he is amazed that he learns something new every day. A member of the ‘Winner’s Circle’ 4-H group, Rylan is working on two projects this year: one is a goat named Bruiser, and the other is a pig named Shelby. His biggest achievement in 4-H was last year, when he won Reserve Champion with his pig who had suffered a leg injury earlier in the season. This year is his biggest 4-H project yet; he is working with two very different animals. 4-H has taught him hard work and responsibility. He is working hard for success at the Weber County Fair.

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