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Barn Werx are the professionals in Utah that you have been looking for when it comes to picking the right company to build your new pole building.

Barn Werx


You know that building you have always wanted? Barn Werx knows it too, and they can build it for you. The company was started by the owners of Messerly Concrete after they were approached by one of their employees, Scott Simonson, who thought there might be a need for a pole building company. Scott thought it would keep their employees busy when they had downtime in the concrete business. The owners, Todd and Lisa Messerly, raise and ride performance horses; they thought it would be a good addition to their company and a natural extension of their lifestyle.

Messerly Concrete has been in business since 1966. Todd and Lisa purchased the company from Todd’s father in 2008. With a focus on maintaining a good reputation in the industry and delivering on their promises, Messerly Concrete has continued to grow. Barn Werx quickly became busy enough that it was not an option for it to be just the side work when the concrete crews had down time, so it became its own entity. Today, Tabatha Udy is the General Manager of Barn Werx, and when asked, Lisa Messerly became emotional regarding her efforts. She said Tabatha goes above and beyond to make sure people get what they want and that they put the personal touch into everything they do.

Barn Werx specializes in custom pole buildings and can really fit almost any need a customer has. When a client needs a building, they sit down and brainstorm everything a customer wants. Starting with the size, they move on to the look and feel, and then add the finishing touches. There is no limit on the creativity they can utilize to fit a client’s needs.

Buildings they commonly make are roof-only buildings, agriculture buildings, garages, barns, storage buildings, workshops, and arenas. They often build custom structures to fit unique needs as well. Today, a building growing in popularity are what they call barndominiums. These structures are designed to look like a barn or storage building on the outside, but inside, they are actual living areas or at least partial living areas. Currently, the most common design is for the growing vacation rental market. People love to rent these out for family reunions because they can house everyone together and even have a bathroom for each bedroom.

Messerly Concrete is known for doing quality work, and that reputation carries over to Barn Werx as well. The time it takes to build a pole building is much less than a traditional wood-framed building, a fact that their customers love. Plus, there are so many options, people can get anything they want: from a very utilitarian look to fancy and beautiful, insulated options with custom windows, cupolas, facia and soffit…and all can be made to be extremely beautiful. The foundation of these buildings features independent concrete foundation around each pole, significantly decreasing the build time.

There are only two steps: one is to let them know what you want, so they can put together a design for you. The other step is development or putting up the building. Yes, it is that easy. If you are considering a building on your property, Barn Werx might be the perfect answer for your perfect building!


Business: Pole Buildings
1678 S. 1900 W., Suite C
Ogden, UT 84404
(385) 244-8827

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