Enjoy what Utah has to offer!

“I’ve grown to love this time of year, the scenery is hard to beat in this part of the country.”


Tree leaves are starting to turn color and make their way to the ground, and to me, that means fall is finally here.

For a lot of people, they can’t help but despise this season because of the one that comes after it, but for me, it means that we’re in the home stretch of another year.

Late calves cling to their mothers’ legs when the first frost comes, and the steam coming off their backs and from their noses is one of my favorite sights on a cool morning. That trusty saddle horse might snort and bump up that same morning, your fingers might ache, and your ears might go numb, but it’s all worth it when the last calves are on the semi and that check is in your hand.

I’ve grown to love this time of year, the scenery is hard to beat in this part of the country, and we’re lucky to live in such a beautiful state; mountain sides and hilltops are red and yellow from quaking aspen and oak trees that are moving into hibernation, and ponderosas are dropping needles and getting ready for winter to finally set in.

Cliff sides and marble faces show their true beauty, and my eyes can’t help but look toward them every chance I get. Late rains and foggy mornings, cool evenings and clear star-filled nights are all signs that we made it through another long hot summer. That 62-degree afternoon is more than welcome after the sun tried to melt us all through August.

I’m proud to be from where I am from, and you should be too. So, on the next Sunday you get a chance, put your family in your minivan or put your horses in your trailer. Bring a jacket (or maybe two), pick your favorite trail or park, and enjoy what Utah has to offer. Winter is coming, folks. We made it this far; let’s finish strong!

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