Fall and Winter Jackets

Canvas jackets make good working jackets while wool and down keep you warm on a really cold day. These make a great holiday gift!


With fall here and winter on its way, it’s time we start getting our cooler weather jackets out. I love this time of year. Getting those jackets out and shopping for new looks is so much fun!

For ranch-wear looks, I love the canvas, down, and wool jackets from Wyoming Traders, Schaefer Outfitters, and Powder River. The canvas jackets are great for working in and, if they’re lined, can keep you warm. If it’s a really cold day, you can’t beat wool or down; the wool and down jackets are so warm.

Aztec and serape patterns are a fun way to dress up your outerwear.

With our weather changing so much, you really need light jackets, too, and I think the neoprene jackets are great for lighter temperatures. Companies that are doing some new colorful looks are Outback Trading, Wrangler, Stetson, and Idyllwind. They have added some great Aztec and serape patterns that look amazing. Look up your favorite local stores and boutiques here in Utah to find any of these.

You can’t leave out those jackets that are just plain fun: leather, faux fur, and bright Aztec wool…jackets such as Utah designer Rhonda Starks’ bold and colorful Aztec looks. I love the leathers Scully and Cripple Creek have out now, and I have found some faux furs that are minky-soft and gorgeous! Look at Stran Smiths line, STS Ranchwear for great leather and wool jackets for men and women.

We will have some pictures here to show you some examples, but if there is anything you want to see or find, please let me know!

How to reach me

As always, you can reach me at RockinHH@gmail.com. Have a great fall and enjoy the Holidays coming up soon!! Remember that jackets make great gifts. Please support our local businesses!

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