Weber County Sheriff’s Office Leads at State Association Award Ceremony

At the Utah Sheriff’s Association Award Ceremony, which represents all 29 counties, the Weber County Sheriff’s Office took home four out of a dozen awards overall, including the following below.


“The Lawman of the Year is selected by the current president of the association with input from all of the Sheriffs. Ryan is the Sheriff’s Sheriff. He is completely selfless. There have been multiple occasions when many of us have called, and the first words out of his mouth are, ‘How many do you need and where do you need them?’ When we had the riots in Salt Lake, he stood side-by-side with line staff, in harm’s way, to protect the city and private property. During this selection period, I received several emails from Weber County deputies expressing their appreciation and love for him as he has improved processes and increased communication and morale. I’ve worked with Weber County for years, and something is different there now. There is magic over there they have built around Sheriff Arbon’s leadership.” – Sheriff Chad Jensen, President of the Utah Sheriffs Association


“Chief Perry was selected for this award by his peers across the state. Chief Perry’s ability to change, re-balance, evaluate, and focus again at a moment’s notice during the COVID-19 crisis allowed the office to navigate troubling times with success and vitality. Chief Perry also spearheaded the conversion from county-employed nursing staff to a full-service medical contract. As the transition neared, staffing the medical unit became an extreme challenge. Chief Perry provided the leadership and hour-to-hour work that was needed to keep the facility and the inmates’ needs safely and securely provided for. He worked multiple night shifts to cover for medical staffing shortages, and his steady and calm demeanor led the Correctional Facility through the pandemic with focus and success.” – Sheriff Chad Jensen, President of the Utah Sheriffs Association


“On June 21, 2020, the Weber County Sheriff’s Office had the beginning of multiple outbreaks among the inmate population. Corporal Roskelly stepped up to the plate and showed outstanding leadership, even when there were 100 active cases of positive inmates. Corporal Roskelley led the staff to meet the threats, rise above complacency, and maintain safety and security for his team to return home to their families at the end of each shift. This year, the Utah Sheriffs’ Association was honored to present Correction Officer of the Year to Corporal Landry Roskelley.” – Sheriff Chad Jensen, President of the Utah Sheriffs Association


“There isn’t anyone in the state who has done more for victims and public safety in the past twenty years than Reed. As one of the founding members of our association, what he has done for every sheriff across the state is amazing. Reed is a great man, and he has been a great friend to me and all the Sheriffs. We wish him the best in his retirement and stand in awe at all he has accomplished.” – Sheriff Chad Jensen, President of the Utah Sheriffs Association

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