New Beginnings


Some call it starting over, I call it a clean slate.

All the hard times and long days we suffered through in the last year are wiped away. You have the chance to make this new year the way you want it, and I believe that is something we should all take full advantage of.

I don’t mind taking the time to reflect on the last year and see what I did right and what I think I should change.

I believe one thing we all need to remember is that our family is something we cannot take for granted, and we need to make sure to spend as much time surrounded by loved ones as possible.

Another thing I think makes everyone better is surrounding yourself with the right people who can set you up for success. If you want to win, surround yourself with winners; if you want to be successful, surround yourself with people who create success.

If you don’t want to find yourself at a lower level of society, don’t be with people who drag you down. Know your worth and don’t settle for less.

Take this new year as an opportunity to make yourself the best and newest version. Work hard at those resolutions and try to achieve them.

Take advantage of every good thing that comes into your life and make each second count.

Take your kids sledding, teach them to fish, take them camping or to the lake, provide experiences that last a lifetime, because I know those are what come to mind later in life, and we’re most thankful for those.

Make memories this year, stay as safe from COVID-19 as possible, but get out and enjoy life like we did before the virus. Make this year amazing, folks!

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