Happy New Year from the Weber CTC

Family: Sit down and eat dinner together at least once a week to talk, laugh.

As the New Year begins, we find ourselves making resolutions to lose a few pounds, keep a journal, and many other things. Here at Weber Communities That Care, would like to share our resolution for 2022.

Let’s connect.
We would like to encourage you to take time and reconnect with family, friends, and neighbors.

Friends: Give them a call and ask how they are doing. Perhaps, share a treat with them.

Neighbors: Take a moment and get to know a neighbor.

At the Weber CTC, we are also looking for connections and hope that we can connect with our community. Please get to know the Weber CTC, become a part of the Weber Communities That Care Coalition. Joining Weber Communities That Care will help bring awareness of substance misuse and mental health to our community.

Instagram: @WeberCTC and @WeberCTCYouthCouncil on Facebook/Instagram!
Website: www.weberctc.org/

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