Oh, the fringe!


Anyone who has read my articles or talked to me about fashion knows how much I love western fashion. One of my favorites that we are seeing so much of right now is fringe! While fringe has always been a part of the western look in fashion, right now, we are seeing fringe on many types of clothes and in mainstream fashion. We see leather jackets and skirts with fringe, denim jackets and jeans with fringe, fringe on boots and sandals, and fringe on scarves and shawls. There’s even leggings and tops with fringe, which are so comfy and fun!

Back in the day, fringe on buckskin served a practical purpose of shedding the rain off the person wearing it and helping to keep their main garment drier. It was also handy if the person wearing it could use a piece to tie something. Fringe on moccasins was possibly used to wipe out tracks as the person walked. Now, fringe serves as a fashion statement. It is fun to wear and, in my opinion, flattering on anyone who wears it. Fringe will flow, move, and make any outfit more alive and just plain fun! To find a great leather fringe jacket, look for brands such as Scully, Cripple Creek, Cobbler, or Liberty wear. For fringe denim, look for Honey Creek, Rock and Roll Cowgirl, Wrangler, and Idyllwild. Rodeo Quincy has some fun clothing with fringe, and I love her colorful designs! Scully has great leather fringe skirts, and Rhonda Stark has a knit fringe skirt in many colors that goes great with anything. These are some of my favorite companies, but really, if you check out any of our local stores or boutiques (including some amazing local online boutiques), you are going to find some great clothing with fringe!

Also, don’t forget the fringe on accessories such as purses and scarves. I love the purses from American Darling and Montana West!

How to reach me

As always, if there is something you like in any of our photos or if you’re looking for a particular brand or look, let me know! We will be heading to Dallas Market in January, and I can pretty much find anything there or at least know where to get it! You can message me at RockinHH@gmail.com or text cell at 307-248-0252.

One more thing I’d like to mention is to please shop your local businesses! They need our support, and it really is so much fun to be able to go try on and shop local. Remember that if it feels good and you feel good wearing it, get it!

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