“My Job Is More of a Service…to Help Make Special Memories.”


In 1969, I was attending Weber State College, where I chose Business Management as my major with marketing as my minor. I became interested in the trade as a jeweler and started working in a jeweler repair shop.

We did the work for many stores, and I was able to see the quality and prices of jewelry that was being sold. I saw that they weren’t priced as they could be. That’s when I decided that Ogden needed a better store. So, in November of 1973, I put college on the back burner, and my career as a jewelry store owner began.

Of course, my thoughts as a new business owner were consumed by, “If I could sell a certain number of diamonds, how much money could I make?” I soon learned that was not the business approach that I wanted to take. It was not about me.

I remember a time when a rough man and his wife came to the store. He told his wife to take off her ring and then handed it to me. He asked, “Could you put a little bit of a bigger diamond in it?” The wife then responded, “I don’t need a bigger diamond. I like my diamond.” A few days later, they came back, and he paid for the ring and handed it to his wife. She just sat down and cried. It was then that I finally understood the purpose of my business.

Jewelry is a unique business. It is not necessarily as much of a need, but it is a feel-good, a reward, or a special gift to appreciate and to celebrate special times in people’s lives: special days like Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, etc. During the process of purchasing jewelry, both the giver and receiver can feel something. The giver feels the pride and joy of giving, and the receiver feels the love, happiness, and memories that can last for more than a lifetime.

I have learned that my business and my job is more of a service to help people celebrate those special times and to help make special memories. My employees know that they are hired by me, but they work for the customers to help them find the right gift for them.

We, like most jewelry stores, have our 100-200 wedding sets in our store to choose from, but we go way beyond that. We also have over 2,000 sample rings to try on and help customers decide what they like the most. With all the ideas we provide, we can also custom make the perfect ring for them.

I appreciate all the thousands of friends whom I have come to know by serving this community for over 48 years. I have enjoyed helping friends to celebrate their special times in their life. You have provided much joy and happiness to me. I am looking forward to serving the community for years to come. Thank you! -Dean

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