Haven Dental: Providing Amazing Smiles for Over 25 Years

Haven Dental are dedicated to providing information to help their patients and community improve oral health.

By Jenny Goldsberry

Haven Dental might be a new dental office but it’s far from new when it comes to experience. Dr. Scott Craven has over 26 years of experience and decided to start his own practice about a year ago, with his office manager and assistants who have nearly 20 years of shared work experience. Together, they know exactly what they’re doing.

Dr. Craven decided to start this new practice so he could provide the newest and most advanced technology to treat all his patients’ needs. So much has changed since he first became a dentist. He remembers when he didn’t have any digital tools in the beginning.

“Technology makes the patient more comfortable,” Dr. Craven says. Today, he has chosen to have all the most advanced technology in his office. For example, instead of biting into a mouthful of goop whenever a patient needs an implant, root canal, or braces, Haven Dental has a tiny probe camera to scan teeth digitally. In addition, they have a 3D scanner that scans the patient’s jaw and face to get safe and accurate measurements, providing all the information Dr. Craven needs to provide precise dentistry.

He’s dedicated to putting his patients at ease because he’s seen many patients in his years of practice, but also as a young boy in his uncle’s dentist office. He loved going to see his uncle, the dentist, and often would make drill sounds as he waited in the reception area. Little did he know then that he was likely triggering all those poor patients waiting to see his uncle. Since then, he’s become much more aware of the psychological impact of dentistry on patients. In fact, it intrigued him enough that, on top of his dental degree, he pursued a M.S. in Mental Health Counseling and a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. As a result, he takes the time to understand his patients’ fears and phobias.

“We really listen,” Dr. Craven said. “We don’t just tell them what to do. It’s very collaborative.”

Thanks to their advanced technology and experience, Haven Dental is prepped for just about any dental procedure. Whether you need a full mouth restoration, wisdom teeth removal, a beautiful straight smile, or more, Haven Dental can be your one-stop shop. Even when it comes to sleep apnea, Dr. Craven has the equipment to measure the space in your throat and make sure you’re getting enough oxygen as you sleep. He’s seen some patients stop snoring as a result, much to the relief of their sleeping partners! Dr. Craven can provide for all your needs, from minor problems to advanced pains.

2685 N. 1000 W.
Pleasant View, UT 84414

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