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West Haven City Is Ready For Business!

With our growing population of over 19,000 residents, West Haven City is the place businesses are looking for; however, our residential development has far outpaced our commercial development. In fact, in the last eight years, 91% of the city’s development has been residential. When this occurs, residents must travel to neighboring municipalities for work and to also purchase goods and services. Sales tax is our current largest revenue source for our municipality to provide services to its residents, such as roads, water and sewer, policing contract protection, parks, recreation facilities, etc. New commercial development within West Haven City means residents benefit not only from better access to products and services but from the sales taxes generated from capital investments into the area as well. With neighboring cities being built out, our city will be the best-suited for residents’ needs of food and entertainment-related growth. Plus, our city has well-educated and tech-related skills to add to the workforce and the need to provide well-paying jobs to help in addressing the affordable housing crisis. The city is poised to finally be truly “ready for business.”

The city’s development goals, strategies, and actions focus on optimizing our resources to provide the following benefits to residents and businesses:

  1. Establish a well-balanced and sustainable economic base through strengthening the city’s sales tax base, currently offering zero property tax, and buying power through well-paying jobs
  2. Preserve and enhance the identity of our main corridors for commercial growth
  3. Create friendly neighborhoods and centers that focus on close-to-home jobs, shopping, and recreation into places where residents and others can gather and interact regularly
  4. Encourage well-organized and efficiently planned community development zones that provide regional and county benefits
  5. Invite and encourage commercial development within West Haven City by creating an efficient, supportive, and reliable commercial development on our General Plan

West Haven City can only brag about our current business and the support we give to them. We have the best people because they value our “country heritage” but want their money going back into their city’s pocket for improvements. We want to find balance in our lives by building a dynamic, accessible community. We have built the rooftops over the past eight years; now is our time for retail expansion.

Mayor Rob Vanderwood

West Haven Heritage Days- 2022

West Haven is preparing for another exciting year of full city celebrations. Please mark your calendars for our Heritage days. Our celebration has something for everyone, from young mutton busters to our vintage teenagers. If you have a classic car, truck, or motorcycle, or like to look at others’ pride and joy, be sure to come and see the “best burn out competition” in intermountain states. We have about 450 cars attending and have a “loud and proud exhaust contest” that is ranked in the top three shows in Utah.

Our rodeo is one of the best “hometown” western rodeos in the county. It is free to the public, very entertaining, and has outstanding livestock. We have our youth rodeo with several events that bring great family entertainment. Our adult rodeo is as western as it gets. It is sure to keep your head reeling from bucking events to roping and running events.

Our fireworks show is fantastic and is proceeded by a great concert. The best part of this year is the new additions that will be added. We are turning up the heat and pulling out the stops for 2022. Join us for a family-friendly celebration.

June 21st through the 25th 2022

Parade- Fireworks – West Haven City Aquatic Center Night – West Haven “Power in the Park Car Show” – West Haven City Quilt Show- West Haven Baby Contest- Youth Rodeo- Adult Rodeo- 5K Run- Bike Ride- Concert in the Park- Movie in the Park- Picnic in the Park – Breakfast- Multiple Food and Product Vendors and Much More!

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