A–Insurance: We Work For You, Not the Insurance Company


Have you ever locked yourself out? Has your car ever stalled in the road? In those dire circumstances, the last thing you want is an 800 number. What you really need is a neighbor. A Insurance is an independent agency made up of neighbors at your beck and call.

It’s an agency that’s been around since 1982. Principal Owner Roger Grow has been there over ten years. Many of his agents have also been around anywhere from 10 years to 25! They’ve all stayed that long because they genuinely enjoy helping people. In fact, they all have the tool needed to break into a locked car. Most of them are so good they can crack it faster than it takes somebody to zip up a coat. There’s a space in their office where they store commercial fans in case a client needs to dry up a flood. It wouldn’t be a first for an agent to pull up carpet themselves, either. These agents want to help you before you even make a claim, because most claims are actually just nuisances. Service is ingrained into their culture.

Once, Roger got a phone call from a client who requested a tow. Rather than call a third party and get that settled, he made the two-block trip to where her car had stalled and pushed it himself, with the help of a few of his agents. He saw a woman with a problem that had a simple solution. Surely, it would have been physically easier to call a tow truck. However, this woman didn’t have to be inconvenienced by a third party, thanks to Roger stepping up.

“Sometimes, we care too much,” Roger says.

Out of all their new business, 70% comes from referrals. Those that choose A Insurance are glad they did. Roger and his agents insure people for the long term, not the short term.

When it comes to insurance, you have no idea what you’re risking without it until it’s too late. On the flip side, you don’t know how well your insurance agent will serve you until you really need them. A Insurance clients stay for the long term because they can tell the difference when they need it most!

These agents live in the same neighborhood you do. Their lives change over time, just like yours. They can help you find a plan that works for you! Then, years down the road, when you need more or less coverage, they can help you craft an updated plan. Protect yourself from the unexpected with one of the 17 agents at A Insurance.

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