The latest in design trends

Goodbye white! Bold colors are in!


People are spending more time than ever in their homes. The emergence and popularity of remote work is keeping some at home for even their working hours. When schools close temporarily, the home becomes the classroom for children. More and more people are opting to order in rather than eat out, turning their own dining rooms into personal restaurants.

Vintage pieces are being used more.

That’s why home design is more important than ever: people are greatly influenced by an environment. The colors of the wall can influence moods, furniture can give the appearance of a more spacious room, and lights can bring warmth and welcome. Often, one can’t appreciate good design until they suffer living in badly designed homes. Instead of experiencing the positive influences, they only know the flip side of the coin.


  • Sculptural architecture, sculptural lighting, sculptural furniture
  • Antique and vintage pieces
  • Shades of brown
  • Nature-inspired textures, wallpaper, and furniture
  • Round, curved shapes
  • Italian plaster
  • Dual purpose rooms
  • Up-and-coming artwork
  • Bold colors
  • Mixing materials (especially leather)


  • The super minimalistic look: all-white everything, no clutter etc. It has been really popular, but it seems like people are tiring of the all-white everything.
  • Only natural colors – add some bold colors too
  • Chef’s kitchens
  • Over lighting
  • Weighty frames
  • Crowded showers
  • Open-floor plans
  • Non-functional decor
  • Boxy sofas

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