Completion of the West Weber Masterplan on the Horizon


The West Weber Master plan is in its final stages of being complete. This detailed plan has been an ongoing project for the last five years. The county commissioners, alongside our instrumental team in the planning division, have been actively involved in finalizing this community-centered plan. On May 24, we will have a public hearing for unveiling the Master Plan, and we invite you all to attend. We anticipate this plan will work to preserve the West Weber quality of life while sustainably managing the inevitable growth coming our way.

The community character portion of the Master Plan has a very specific vision. It is the vision to which all other goals, objectives, and implementation strategies in the plan are intended to guide. That vision is as follows:

Vision: The community character of the Western Weber Planning Area is defined by the low-density residential development, undeveloped or underdeveloped lands, relatively rural free-flowing streets, water courses, peace and quiet, and ease and timeliness of access to the jobs and services of adjacent incorporated areas. Low density residential and agricultural uses help define the open nature of the unincorporated areas of Taylor, West Weber, Warren, West Warren, and Reese, while large lot suburban uses help define the nature of the unincorporated area known as Uintah Highlands. While many residents acknowledge that growth is inevitable, there is a clear desire for it to be carefully and deliberately designed in a manner that preserves, complements, and pays tribute to the agrarian roots of the community. To do this, Weber County will promote and encourage the community’s character through public space and street design standards, open space preservation, and a diversity of lot sizes and property uses that provide for the living, working, and playing needs of the growing community.

Community Character Goals

Additionally, this portion of the plan outlines multiple goals, principles, and action items for implementation. The entirety of this section is thorough and extensive. That being said, we want to share a high-level view of goals and objectives we have in the forefront.

1: A goal of Weber County is to foster a future in which the specific characteristics and differences of each small area within the Western Weber Planning Area are supported and maintained as development occurs.

2: A goal of Weber County is to support and encourage the longevity of agricultural opportunities in the Taylor, West Weber, Warren, and Reese small areas.

3: A goal of Weber County is to reduce the unincorporated area’s contribution to sky-glow and reduce the impact excess and unnecessary lighting has on neighborhoods and community.

4: A goal of Weber County is to preserve the character of current neighborhoods by encouraging new residences to have similar separation distances along street rights-of-way.

5: Ensure development activities are safe from geologic hazards.

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