“We have had the greenest and most plush lawn of our entire adult lives the last two years. We tried all the do-it-yourself fertilizer programs and tried to stay on top of the weeds on our own for 20 years. Our yard was nice, it was mostly green, but it wasn’t plush, and the weed battle was nonstop! However, since we have met Zach, Roxanne, and the team at Green Castle, our grass has been awesome and the weed free despite only being able to water a couple of times a week because of the drought. We love our Green Castle Lawn Care.” -loyal Green Castle customer

Unlike many of the traditional lawn care programs found today, Green Castle takes an approach more like what many golf courses and sports turf managers follow.

Most of the traditional lawn care programs rely on quick-release products for quick results. Most times, this isn’t what is best for your lawn and can actually make lawns “top heavy,” meaning they are not as healthy as the top layer might temporarily show. If you treat lawns right, you will treat not only the grass but the roots and the soil for long-lasting, healthy, plush lawns and prevent weeds and many diseases in your area.

The most popular option is their six-step program. It starts with an early spring application and a late spring application; both contain balanced fertilizer application and crabgrass, pre-emergent, and broadleaf weed control. Then perform two summer applications, both with summer fertilizer application and broadleaf weed control, followed by the fall/winter treatments that help prepare your lawn for overwintering and the next year. An additional service they provide is pest control, which can protect your lawn against grub damage and protect your homes from pesky, bothersome insects such as spiders and ants.

Obviously, problems can still arise, and Green Castle encourages their customers to communicate if problems occur. Remember, Green Castle only sees your lawn five-six times per year; you see it every day. If problems are caught early, they are able to take care of them quickly. A great lawn only happens with great communication between you and Green Castle.

Zach, the owner of Green Castle, told me that if you really want the best lawn, you should have a soil test done, which runs $20-40. The results from this test will arm you and Green Castle with the information needed for the best treatment for your lawn. He also indicated that mowing properly includes leaving the grass three inches tall in the heat of the summer and then dropping it down to one and a half inches in the fall before the snow comes will help you maintain a beautiful lawn.

This locally owned business has been in business for 20 years and has the expertise to get a lawn green and healthy. They know the right formulas for your area and how to make your lawn thrive!

We have the expertise to get your lawn green & healthy!

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