DIY Garden Chandelier

“I enjoy the soft glow of the solar lights that turn on one by one as the sun sets.”

Who says your garden can’t have a little style?


I tend to refer to my garden as my pretty princess garden. That amazing husband of mine built redwood garden boxes surrounded by gravel and a huge hog panel trellis; the garden has a chicken tunnel on two sides to help keep the bugs away. Unfortunately, my garden tends to mostly be pretty and doesn’t produce as much as I’d like. I’m still learning the careful balance of plants, correct soil mixture for boxes, and watering. Whoops! Thankfully, my mom’s garden overproduces and makes up for my lack of green thumb, roaming chickens (one laid eggs in the tomatoes last year), and the dang wild birds.

My garden is close to our barn area and right next to the chicken coop. I love the garden close to the chicken coop because it’s easy to throw spoiled veggies to the chickens. The only downside is the birds that frequent the barn and scrounge chicken food also like to eat the plants in the garden. I researched bird deterrents and then had an idea! A solar chandelier with hanging sparkly crystals to deter the birds.

I scoured local classifieds for a cheap chandelier. I found one for $5, cut all the electrical guts out of it, then spray-painted it black. I had an old, somewhat ugly antique light with big crystals on it, so I took the crystals for this project. We used electrical jack chain since its heavier to hang the crystals from. One-dollar solar lights from Walmart glued into the old sockets completed the look.

Like some things in my garden, the chandelier didn’t work well for keeping the birds away, but it has made for a lovely addition to the garden. I enjoy the soft glow of the solar lights that turn on one by one as the sun sets.

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