Weber County Recorder’s Office Announces Property Watch

Leann Kilts, Recorder/Surveyor and Chief Deputy Bahy Rahimzadegan


Property Watch is a new FREE program for the residents of Weber County. This program is designed to alert you every time something is recorded against your property. In turn, this will help residents stay notified if they are going through title processes on their own or if someone may be fraudulently recording against their property.

Creating this program all started with people coming to ask if their property was safe from fraud. Some described receiving something in the mail that would help protect their property if they paid a monthly fee. Others described watching a late-night infomercial selling the same protection for a cost. This brought a lot of phone calls and people coming in worried their lifetime investments could simply be swept away without them knowing unless they paid this monthly fee. It’s at this point that Bahy and Leann from the Weber County Recorder/Surveyor’s Office decided the county should incorporate something that performs the same job as what these other companies were promising but free of charge for our taxpayers.

Salt Lake County had incorporated a similar program for its residents. Leann and Bahy decided it would be best to get their IT personnel with them on a conference call along with Salt Lake County’s team to get the basics on what worked for them and what to avoid. Lisa Stringham from their IT department has been very instrumental in getting the monitoring system structured; she was able to get them to a beta platform, where they could then test it on a small data sample. Weber County employees who resided inside the county were asked to volunteer and sign up their personal properties for a test run. Bahy and Leann wanted the process to be simple for residents.

They started the test and were able to then run the program; they got feedback from those who actually had something recorded against their properties. Everything ran very smoothly from the beginning. The residents simply added their name, email, and parcel number. In turn, they received information about what was being recorded against their property. There will also be additional information in the email to help explain what the exact document that was recorded may mean. Bahy has added an additional page on their website that will help explain exactly what each document represents. The Weber County Recorder/Surveyor’s Office hopes all residents take advantage of this free service and encourages the public to reach out with any questions.

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