Think Again.

We don’t even question it. We get oil changes for our vehicles. Without clean oil, things get messed up in an engine. Asphalt shingles are similar. They are a petroleum based product that are designed to protect your home, over time the natural oils evaporate and dry out making shingles less flexible, becoming brittle and loosing their top protective granule coating. The asphalt also becomes less sticky which means they don’t hold together as well and the water proofing can become compromised. Eventually you will have to replace them, but Roof Maxx® can get you extra time and save you money!

We call Roof Maxx® the oil change for shingles. Roof Maxx® is a soy methyl ester compound that is an all-natural bio oil made from soy bean oil. When sprayed on asphalt shingles, it absorbs into the shingle and replenishes the oils that have dried out over time. This rejuvenates the shingles and makes them perform like new again, in fact studies show that older shingles perform at 75%-80% of new shingle after a Roof Maxx treatment. They are flexible, sticky and hold on to the protective coating better after treatment. This renewal will last for at least 5 years guaranteed and shingles will take up to 3 treatments before needing to be replaced.

Because roofmaxx is 75%-80% cheaper than a new roof, it will save you money. Plus Roof Maxx® comes with a 5 year warranty and is transferable to new owners if you sell your house. This keeps thousands of pounds of roof waste out of the landfill all while saving you money. With the increase in construction material costs, now is the perfect time to focus on maintaining your roof instead of replacing it.

Pipe Vent collars often dry out and crack which can lead to micro leaks or full on water leaks, both of which can damage your home. Replacing these collars is part of our Roof Tune-up. It is an easy way to help make your roof last longer, saving you money.

Roof Maxx of Ogden is your local dealership. If your roof is 7 years old or older, you may qualify for Roof Maxx® treatment. We offer a free assessment and inspection. We also offer a roof tune up which includes reinserting backed out nails, tarring or siliconing gaps and potential leak spots and replacing pipe vent weather collars. We can even complete small repairs like replacing shingles that have torn off. Our goal is to help your roof last as long as possible, saving you money.

Roof Maxx is an amazing breakthrough in roofing maintenance technology that will help your roof last longer and protect what matters most within the walls of your home.

More Life. Less Money. Guaranteed.

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