Jeremy Barker founder of Murphy Door was a former firefighter for Roy City Fire Department and is currently a Weber Fire District Paramedic/Firefighter. Jeremy tried starting several different companies before the fire dept and one was a shed company that ultimately went bankrupt and had Jeremy living out of his car for a year. That experience did not deter him from starting Murphy Door.

Alongside Curtis Leishman a former Riverdale City Firefighter, Greg Parrish (Unified Fire) and former Roy City Fire fighter, and Brandon Woods from Ogden City Fire, Jeremy started their company in December 2012. At first, it was just a hinge and hardware system that allowed customers to build their own door, and mount it with their system. However, as time went on, the trio found that their potential customers weren’t so interested in building such an intricate door, so they started building the specialty doors with the help of a local cabinet company.

They were truly on the cutting edge of this innovation. There were no other products like it at the time. So much so that even today the idea of a “hidden door solution” is referred to in the industry as a “Murphy door.” Their brand and product have intertwined into one. Besides their brand recognition, their product has won many awards from many associations, including the National Association of Homebuilders.

Most recently, it was named “The Best Indoor Product of 2022” at the International Builders show in Orlando.

“The International Builders Show was like the opening of an Apple Store,” Jeremy remembers as he described the lines that formed around their booth. It was the awards that their company won at trade shows like this that got their product the recognition it needed to start selling on Home Depot’s website in 2014. Its trajectory all began at their first trade show where they brought a single door for display.

This Murphy door has been featured in just about every home improvement show on television. Whether it’s a home or treehouse or even film set, their door can always save space while still providing storage. Murphy doors have been featured on a number of Disney projects as well. There are even two Murphy doors in the U.S. Capitol.

Their work culture has earned Murphy Door the title of Forbes top 200 small business employers at number 168. They’ve also earned awards for being the fastest growing company, and they’re growing still. Murphy Door is still hiring today and offering full packages, including even tuition reimbursement for those pursuing education.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at a Murphy door in person. They won’t be leaving from their space at 2380 South and 1900 West anytime soon.

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2380 S. 1900 W., West Haven

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