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For over 15 years, All Out Western has been selling western wear and is constantly adding new items. They have the right western clothing and accessories for you.


Perfect for work, dressing up, or just having fun!

This season, “dopamine dressing” is on trend and in style. Now more than ever, people are dressing in a way that makes them happy, thus, producing dopamine, the “happy hormone.” After 16 years in the business, Becky Hougaard is not only familiar with dopamine dressing but has seen it with her own eyes after pleasing client after client.

Becky started in wholesale western wear. Now that she’s in retail as well, her relationship with other wholesalers helps her provide a wide range of clothing and accessories. She carries sizes from XS to 3X.

When a customer enters her booth at a rodeo, barrel race, expo, horse sale, or even the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering or another show or festival, Becky is there to make sure they find something they love that is also a good fit. Her own mother was a manager of a clothing store, and she sparked Becky’s love for fashion. She’s always been the type of person to compliment strangers’ outfits on the street and ask them where they bought something. Now, she’s helping her clients craft their own outfits that also spark awe and inspiration.

“There’s nothing more fun than providing outfits and seeing the [clients] the next day wearing them,” Becky says. “It’s fun making people happy and helping them feel good in what they’re wearing.” As a result, there are many returning customers to All Out Western Clothing.

There are times when customers have something very specific in mind. When someone wants a crossover of western clothing, Roy Rogers inspired outfits, multiples, and formal evening wear, Becky has it. There have even been occasions where Becky has matched classic silk scarves for groomsmen that matched the bridesmaids’ dresses. Becky even tracked down a scarf she saw on an episode of Yellowstone, a period Western drama.

We can’t all be expected to stay on trend, but Becky has taken it upon herself to read fashion magazines, attend markets, and keep up with mainstream trends. Recently, she ordered many trending leather jackets and even wrote an article about them. The next month, the very same style jacket was on the cover of Cowboys & Indians magazine.

All Out Western Wear is a local business that is paying it forward to the community. Becky regularly donates to the Miss Rodeo Utah program, 4H, and high school rodeo programs. This is her passion, and she loves nothing more than helping others find theirs.

If you can’t catch Becky at her booth, set up by her own children, there’s no need to fear. All Out Western wear has an online shop at It’s also on Instagram under @alloutwestern and Facebook under the same name. Even when you buy online, you’ll still get the same great customer service from Becky.

“Buying from me is risk-free,” Becky says. “I’ll take back whatever doesn’t work or find something to replace it.”

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