DOIN’ IT RIGHT – Outstanding Local Kids


Oakley Marriott

Oakley and her family with her blue ribbon goat.
Photo by Jace Marriott

Oakley Marriott is a spunky, confident 17-year-old junior at Fremont High School. She resides in West Warren, Utah, with her family and her 4H/FFA projects. This talented and accomplished young lady has two projects again this year. One is her steer, “Squirt,” and the other is her goat. As if having two livestock projects does not keep her busy enough, she also serves as the Vice President of the Fremont FFA and is a Utah State 4H Ambassador. Oakley loves associating with other like-minded students, interacting, and building new friendships. She related that 4H, where she is a member of the “Hold Your Horses” club, and FFA have taught her leadership skills and the importance of a strong work ethic. She has also learned the value of agriculture and feels that belonging matters. One of Oakley’s biggest achievements is winning Grand Champion Goat Showman in 2019 at the Weber County Fair. She is a member of the Fremont High School Track and Cross Country Team, where she enjoys competing, and she likes to hunt and hike. She is an outstanding voice of optimism for the agricultural industry and plans to go to Utah State University to pursue a degree in plant and soil science. After college, Oakley plans to have her own family and raise her children to love and understand the importance of agriculture. The future of agriculture is in good hands with wonderful young representatives like Oakley Marriott.

James Bee

James is Treasurer for the Freemont High School FFA.
Photo by Amy Marriott

James Bee is a 16-year-old West Haven resident and a sophomore at Fremont High School. James is a member of the “Wild Things” 4H Club and a member of the Fremont FFA. He currently has three livestock projects. James spends a couple of hours every day with his steer, “Casino,” his heifer “Penelope,” and his goat. Not only is this mature and likeable young man busy getting his show animals in top shape, but he also serves as a Weber County Livestock Ambassador and is the treasurer for the Fremont High School FFA. He says that his favorite things about 4H and FFA are all the various parts of the agriculture industry that you can learn about and getting to meet new people. This outgoing, positive young man believes that, if you stick with it and never give up, everything will work itself out. James also enjoys shooting, archery, and playing card games; his favorite subject in school is science…all science! One of his biggest accomplishments was winning Grand Champion Senior Showman at the Weber County Fair in 2021 with his steer. Although he enjoys all the animals, he says that steers are probably his favorite. He told me that his heroes are his parents and that he appreciates their help and support and how they are patient and can keep situations calm. James plans to stay in the agricultural field after high school. One of his life goals is to be happy in whatever he decides to do.

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