Women in Business


It takes a special type of person to succeed in business. It takes hard work and grit because, sometimes, business is hard. Sometimes, you loose a key client or customer. Sometimes, people get mad at you for something that seems unfair. At other times, it seems that everything is just on fire and all you have is a squirt gun to try and douse the flames. Historically, women have had a harder time in business and had to fight for their rightful place. Today, in my personal observation, some of our most powerful business people are women business leaders. I am impressed every year when interviewing some of these amazing women at their strength and their passion for doing great things. These women don’t make excuses, and they get things done. I, for one, am inspired. This month, we have highlighted women from our community. Some are business owners, others are business leaders. They all play an important role in our local business community. We are honored to tell their stories and hope you will enjoy reading them.

Kendal Rae Jensen


Kendal Rae Jensen earned a degree in nursing but had a hard time working in the medical field while being a mom. She decided to pursue a degree in business. She started selling Mary Kay, loved the flexibility, and did well as a sales director. After a divorce and consequential life changes, she decided to jump back into corporate America.

She started working in advertising sales and had the opportunity to start a western lifestyle magazine. With her background as a rodeo queen, she felt it was her calling to promote that lifestyle. She loves the life skills that the rodeo culture provides for kids. It creates a strong foundation for family and community. Kendal came to Connection Publishing because she shared a passion for celebrating communities. She loves working for a company that cares about its community and loves creating content that is positive.

Connie Neal


Connie Neal has been a 4H leader in Weber County longer than most people have known horses. She started in the organization mentoring youth over 35 years ago. When asked why she has continued to serve all of these years, she answers it’s her service philosophy. Her job is to open the door of opportunity for the kids, and she wants to make sure that everyone has the opportunity. She got teary-eyed talking about the youth she’s had the opportunity to mentor through the years and loves to be involved in her students’ lives. She has even taught generations of families. She teaches a variety of 4H clubs and activities, including horse 4H, horse bowl, sewing, cooking, consumer sciences, and STEM. To learn more about available youth clubs and activities, contact krista.zwart@usu.edu or call 801-399-8202

Jennifer Graham


Jennifer Graham graduated from Weber State University with BS in Accounting in 1991. She started working at the Golden Spike Event Center doing their accounting. While Weber County expanded, so did their parks and recreation department. They added the ice sheet and theater and created the ‘Culture & Parks & Rec’ Director position in 2015, which Jennifer had the opportunity to fill. She works with GSE, Ice Sheet, Peery’s Egyptian Theater, Eccles Conference Center, North and South Fork, Weber Memorial Park, Shooting Complex, Archery Range and Fort Buenaventura. Jennifer keeps a tight watch on each budget and a variety of events and venues. She has worked with the Weber County Fair for over 20 years and takes on all cash management, vendors, ticket sellers, and more. Her favorite thing about Weber County is that there are so many outdoor activities and opportunities to be in the mountains.

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