Weber County Library Showing No Shortage of Summer Fun


Lower test scores at the end of summer than at the beginning confirm that reading is among the skills vulnerable to summer learning loss. Reading and comprehension blossom with practice, and any gap in that practice can negatively affect a child’s ability. The obvious solution: keep kids reading. That is just what we plan to do!

“Oceans of Possibilities” summer reading programs begin on Tuesday, May 31. Children and teens will receive a book just for signing up. They will also earn prizes throughout the summer for reading, enjoying Library streaming and downloadable services, and attending fun Library events and camps.

Each location will kick off the summer reading programming with SeaQuest Aquarium the week of June 6, followed by biweekly, ocean-themed events, and concluding with a final party on the Utah Pirates’ ship, the Black Pearl, the week of August 1. Additionally, children can register for theater, pirate, sea archeology, ocean anatomy, and Lego Robotics camps.

Kids can win gift cards, portable ping pong, Fujifilm Instax, Bluetooth speakers, a mini fridge, an Oculus 2, and a mini-drone!

Teens will have their own creative fun by entering writing and drawing contests, trying to survive a shipwreck, storytelling with Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and a writing workshop, constructing a tower to withstand hurricane winds, and more. Raffle prizes for participating in summer programs include gift cards, portable ping pong, Fujifilm Instax, Bluetooth speakers, a mini fridge, an Oculus 2, and a mini-drone.

Adults can also have fun this summer and earn raffle tickets to win book bundles, gift cards, and other prizes by reading and listening to books; attending Library activities such as exercise and art classes, book discussions, and concerts; and using other Library services. Grand prizes for this simple reading program are Amazon gift cards.

Make reading and recreating part of your family and friends’ summer at the Weber County Library.

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