Come Meet Fred

You need to meet Fred. Fred is an old gambler who lives in the mock western town that the Ackley’s have built on their property in Taylor, Utah.


According to Mike Ackley, the brains behind the museum and mock town, Fred has a colorful and storied past. Whether Fred is hiding out or just retired is up for debate, but you should come meet him and see the rest of the creations at The Bicycle & Railroad Museum. The town includes an old railroad car, a country store, a desert garden, and example of camp sites used by both Native Americans and early settlers. It is like stepping back in time. Mike Ackley is a handy guy who loves to capture and collect relics from the past or even recreate them. The property is well-maintained and has much to see.

Fred lives in a small cabin at the back of a desert garden that reminds me of an old western movie. To the north of Fred’s simple abode is a country store that is full of railroad memorabilia and a small bicycle museum. Then, just west of the store is a fully restored railcar named the SOO. They had to bring in the railcar by crane and then work to restore it to its original glory. It was turned into a small bed and breakfast, and guests regularly come and stay in a real rail car.

This coming August 27th, they will be holding a celebration in order to let people know about their fascinating property and to just have a fun time. There will be live music and speakers. They also bring in an O scale railroad model display, classic cars, and food for sale from the Boy Scouts. The Fort Buenaventura Mountain Men will also bring a display and have some men in Cos-play of real mountain men. This event is open to the public and free to attend. Donations are accepted, however, not required. So, take a chance to go meet Fred and see all of the interesting historical items at this private museum ranch. (In case you are feeling weird about Fred, he is a mannequin, so you should be safe, but, just in case, you might want to keep your wits about you at the party.)

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