Helping Those in Need

Laura Kramer is a strong and amazing woman. She is a wife, mother of boy/girl twins, a competitive powerlifter, has two bachelors degrees and is working on her masters.


Thank you Laura for your service and contribution.

She grew up in a family with a father that was in the military and learned to love serving from an early age by watching her parents.

Laura has worked at Bechtel National Incorporated construction company for 14 years. Bechtel has the same philosophy as the military so she felt right at home working for them. Laura helps with United Way of Northern Utah through Bechtel. She has served on a few different United Way associations throughout the country and finds the Northern Utah branch to be the most diverse of all the others. They have more levels of reaching the charitable needs of the communities it serves. It is important for people to know, especially since there are so many non-profits out there, that any money donated to United Way is safe. United Way is audited annually and has the lowest administration fees so more money goes where it is needed most. Knowing that your money is going to helping those in need is important. Thank you Laura for your service and contribution.

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