Message from the Commissioners

James H. “Jim” Harvey
Scott Jenkins
Gage Froerer

Another great year at the Weber County Fair

What a wonderful collaboration of people who still want to be a part of the county’s rich history. Our Fair Board does a phenomenal job advising staff on events and activities that continue Weber County’s strong and inspiring legacy. We are also fortunate to have fantastic support by hundreds of businesses and sponsors that make this county celebration successful.

Most importantly, it takes those of YOU who chose to support the fair by attending. Whether from the urban or rural areas of the county, everyone loves the wholesome and safe fair atmosphere that we continue to provide. From participating in the Jr. Livestock program to watching the wide variety of fair activities and even enjoying fair food, all of this contributes to the positive environment we all love as an annual tradition.

Special thanks to the 400 kids that participated in Jr. Livestock selling beef, lambs, hogs, and goats, as well as the numerous buyers and those individuals who boost or support the kids in any way. This year’s sales brought in upwards of $900,000, which facilitates the local support to further the growth, education, life skills, and work ethic of our youth that our grandparents and those before us took pride in. We are very proud to host a program that encourages a good work ethic for generations to come while being supported by local businesses and families.

From your Weber County Commission, we sincerely thank all of our staff, vendors, sponsors, participants, and local citizens who came out and were a part in this year’s fair. With gratitude to you, this annual event brings our community together and reminds us all why we are proud to be residents of Weber County.

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