The Tiki Wagon


Summer may be coming to a close, but we had a pretty productive summer around the funny farm. In the midst of babying the fair animals, which included massaging a pig’s throat almost daily (true story), we found the time to complete one of the coolest projects we have ever done – The Tiki Wagon.

The Tiki Wagon is a mobile party wagon for beach days. We’re hoping to find it the perfect home near Bear Lake. The idea is to load kayaks, paddleboards, kids, food, dogs, people, etc and make a trip to the beach. The Tiki Wagon has a 36” Blackstone griddle, huge Igloo cooler, stainless steel prep table and a 15-foot bar top with 7 bar stools. There is also an open deck area and solar lighting complete with a grass roof.

The idea came from a beach visit to south Texas years ago, and my husband has dreamed about building something like this ever since. He took an old farm wagon and stretched the frame to 20 feet. Then, he added an 8-foot-wide deck, and the real designing started. We built and designed as it went up. We called family and friends to come sit on the deck with us to help us figure out the best functionality and layout. We didn’t want to forget anything!

We were scrambling to get the grass roof on when the photographer came, but I was in awe of what my husband had built. I think this might be one of the most ingenious projects Casey has ever created. Its currently parked in our barn yard, but it’s fun to sit on the bar stools, feel the breeze, and drink a can of Tiki Punch, all while pretending you’re at the beach. I can’t wait to see it in use next to the turquoise water of Bear Lake.

Special thanks to Craig Hall of Utah Real Estate Photographers and Tourfactory for the photos.

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