Providing Quality, Service, and Value Over the Past Five Years


With a lifetime of experience in the roofing business, Sky Rands is a local family man who operates what you might call a no-nonsense kind of business. Sky and his crew of five live for the work of repairing and replacing the roofs of homeowners in northern Utah, especially in Roy and Ogden. Roofing is the only job he’s ever had.

You might be wondering what makes SLR Roofing special in today’s “black eye” of a construction market. Sky put it like this when I asked him about it. “Just about everyone you know has had to deal with unreliable pricing disclosures, but we don’t bait and switch. We’re a full-envelope system.” Most jobs are complete in one to two days.

In addition to being a small, dedicated team of professionals, at SLR Roofing, customers can expect to deal directly with Sky himself rather than salespersons or schedulers. With very few exceptions, SLR Roofing customers will find Sky onsite throughout the entire process.

Though relatively young, SLR Roofing has won a reputation for providing quality, service, and value over the past five years. He also mentioned that he’s incredibly grateful for all of the experience he gained while working alongside his father at his Roofing business.

Among Sky’s top priorities as the owner of SLR Roofing, offering his valued customers a smooth process is at the very top of the list. But, you can’t always detect rot, which is something Sky brings up with his clientele right away to ensure they know exactly what’s happening. Full disclosure is always on the table.

“My customers are my best advertisements,” said Sky. “I’m 100% work to live and play.”

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