Running the Family Business

Jesse Western learned the hearing aid business from the best, his dad! Father and son worked side by side for 25 years until Ross retired in 2010. Jesse then made the best decision of his life and hired his beautiful sister to help him run the family business.

Realizing that there are many options when buying a hearing aid, Jesse strives to set himself apart with his customer service. It doesn’t matter what type of hearing aid you buy, service is eventually required, and that is Jesse’s specialty! His troubleshooting abilities and fully functioning in-house lab are assets to his business.

There’s never been a better time to get hearing aids. They do more than ever with background noise filtering, Bluetooth connectivity, and rechargeability. Streaming television and phone calls straight to your hearing aids make it easier than ever to connect with loved ones, no matter what the situation- how crowded or quiet the environment. At Hearing Improvement Center, we offer free one-week trials of the newest hearing aids as well as free hearing tests.

Many insurance companies are now starting to offer benefits for hearing aids. Your insurance may offer a benefit or a program to help make hearing aids more affordable.

Find us located on 12th Street in Ogden, between Washington and Monroe on the South side. Jesse will meet your needs in a way that big box stores never can. Our customers have given us excellent reviews, years of repeat service, and recommended us to family and friends. Their word of mouth is better than any advertising and we are grateful for their loyalty and support.

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