Message from the Commissioners

James H. “Jim” Harvey
Scott Jenkins
Gage Froerer

What are we grateful for? YOU! And much more…

During this time of turkey, gravy, football, presents, jolly traditions, and all things wholesome, we have the unique opportunity to reflect on the incredible blessings surrounding us. Each commissioner took a moment to reflect individually on what we are grateful for, and we invite all of you to do the same.

Commissioner James “Jim” H. Harvey:
• “Weber County has more positive energy now than in any other decade in my memory, and I love where we live. Why? We are surrounded by wonderful people, families, and communities: genuine, good people who have integrity, and honesty, and who care for others. We are a county of givers. I’m grateful for individual involvement in communities to help shape our future, like the great men and women who make up the positions of mayor and city council throughout our county. Additionally, I’m grateful for my sweet wife who is such an incredible example to our children, who I am also very grateful for.”

Commissioner Gage Froerer:
• I am most grateful for my family and friends who have supported me in good times and bad without hesitation. I am grateful for all the good people I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from over the past 50 years of my career. I have had an opportunity to work with the top professionals in the real estate industry in this country and state. I am especially grateful for the dedication that our Weber County employees bring to their jobs on a daily basis. The dedication to providing the best in customer service as a government agency is unique to our great county.

Commissioner Scott Jenkins
• I am very grateful for my family and all the love and support they have shown me in this position and in life. I am incredibly grateful for this wonderful county and my opportunity to serve. I also have gratitude for the wonderful employees we have at the county and how much they have helped us accomplish great things and serve this county and its residents.

We hope all of our residents have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy this season full of family, memories, and gratitude for the people we love most.

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