Gratitude Highlights from your Weber County Department Heads and Elected Officials

In continuing this edition’s theme of gratitude, we asked several Weber County elected officials and department heads the following questions, and we loved their responses.

What are you grateful for in your personal life?
What are you grateful for in your career?
What are you grateful for regarding your employees?

John Bond
Weber County Treasurer

I am grateful for having deep family roots in Weber County since 1862, with a family legacy of working to grow our Weber County community. Additionally, I am grateful to have had so many great co-workers who have helped me be successful with the many opportunities we have worked on together. Last but certainly not least, I am grateful for our Weber County Treasurer’s staff who continue to amaze me with their kindness, their public service, and how competent they are in their workload.

Andi Beadles
Executive Director/Weber Housing Authority
In my personal life, I’m grateful for my darling kids and my sweet husband. I’m grateful that I live in the beautiful State of Utah, and I’m grateful for my health. In my career, I’m grateful that I get to work and collaborate with such amazing community partners, some of whom are my dearest friends. I love Weber County; I love the people and the culture and the opportunities. I love that Weber County community partners are willing to work together for the betterment of those we serve and that we have such forward-thinking leaders. One of my greatest blessings is my employees. Obviously, they do the real work for the Weber Housing Authority. They are the most committed, caring, hardworking, and genuine people I’ve had the privilege of knowing. I could not have dreamed of a better team; they make the work that we do fun and enjoyable. I truly love my job, but I believe it’s because I get to work with the best of the best. We’ve grown into a work family, and I feel deeply honored that they choose to remain at this agency.

Sean Wilkinson
Department Director/ Community Development
I am grateful for a loving and supportive family and for this amazing community we live in. I love working in community development where I can help guide Weber County’s growth in a positive direction. Every day, I work with an amazing team of genuinely good people who are dedicated to providing excellent public service. I am thankful to count them as my friends.

Marty Smith
Department Director: Culture, Parks, & Recreation
I am grateful for family, faith, and freedom. In my career, I am grateful for coworkers and a career that I actually love. We are in the business of fun, and I get to have fun every day at my job. I cannot be thankful enough for that. Our employees are amazing people who work super hard, including long hours, evenings, and weekends to satisfy customers and pursue excellence. They do it with integrity and make my job easy. The citizens of Weber County can be proud of the Culture, Parks, and Recreation group. I am honored to be a part of it.

Robert Slade
Director/Solid Waste Transfer Station
I am grateful for the amazing gift of having a large family, my amazing wife who is my rock, my children, grandchildren, parents, siblings, etc., and the challenges that life has presented that have strengthened our bonds with one another. And, the time we have been gifted with one another. Throughout my career, I have been the most grateful in my career for the ability to inspire those I work with to create powerfully by leading from the front through program and process changes. Inspiring, motivating, and leading by example is truly rewarding as the team, program, and/or processes are improved proactively from the involvement of the team. Additionally, I have been grateful for all the people I have met along the way and who have mentored me. I am grateful for seeing each employee for their uniqueness and the ability to stoke the fire and drive toward inspiration and thinking of continuous self-improvements and process improvements— watching them successfully complete a challenge or goal set and gaining more confidence in their abilities and self.

Julie Stoddard
Financial Services Manager/Weber County Sheriff’s Office
I am lucky to be able to call my family my friends. We laugh, play, and sometimes cry, and are always there for each other. I also find myself incredibly grateful to be working for Weber County. After a 30-year career, I have found a place where I feel valued. I have only been here for two years, but it already feels like home, and I am certain I will be here until I retire. The employees at the Sheriff’s office are top-rate. I am amazed at how they carry themselves doing what is sometimes a thankless job. It is clear they care about the citizens they serve.

Sarah Swan
Director/Human Resources & Administrative Services
I’m grateful for two beautiful children and a husband who inspire me daily and allow me to be a mom and wife, while still having the freedom to live out my dreams. I’m grateful for a career where I love coming to work, where I can learn from those around me, and where I have the opportunity to surround myself with coworkers who give their best, teams who support each other, and leaders who inspire me. I’m grateful for a staff whose talent amazes me, who I immensely respect, and whose dedication and devotion to all things HR and Weber County encourages me to be better every single day.

Ricky Hatch
Weber County Clerk/Auditor
I’m grateful for health, family, and freedom – that my body’s functioning (mostly) well, that I’m surrounded by my wife, kids, and siblings whom I love, and that I live in a great country and a gorgeous, vibrant county. I’m also grateful for the chance to serve the people of Weber County, for their goodness, industry, and giving hearts. I am so blessed to serve such good people! I absolutely love and trust all of my employees. They’re professional, eager to help, wicked smart, and pretty dang fun! They shatter every negative stereotype of government workers, and I’d be lost without them.

Kevin Eastman
Executive Director / Weber Human Services
For me, family is the most important thing that brings me gratitude! I am grateful for my wife, children, and grandchildren. So much happiness comes to me through these people in my life. They are the most important possession I have! I am grateful to interact with them and to create memories. The extended partnerships and organizations that I work with are all amazing. So much gets accomplished because leaders look beyond their own organizations and collaborate for a greater impact. I have been provided an opportunity to lead an organization that delivers important services to people who are in great need. I feel supported in my role, and this brings me great satisfaction to do the work I do! WHS has The Best Employees Ever!!!!!!! Most of the employees and students at WHS don’t just talk about but actually live our agency values. Two of those values that work hand-in-hand are “Having Passion for our work” and “Quality of life”. These values apply to the clients we serve and to the people we employ. Work and personal life mix, and our employees work hard to deliver services that they know will be life-changing. They know that the better they do in their jobs, the more it carries into their personal lives. This brings them satisfaction, and they know that, through giving, even though they are being paid to do a job, they’re serving others, and it comes back to them. They see improvements in our clients’ lives, as well as their personal lives. I am grateful for all their hard work and efforts each day. They go beyond their job requirements.

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