Art Contest Winners!

When we started publishing magazines six years ago, we really wanted to create connection in our community. One of the ideas we had was to allow photographers and artists to display their work to the community through the publications. We had no idea that we would eventually hold a contest like this year, which had over 14,000 visitors. The contests include an online voting forum for popular choice and a publisher’s choice winner, picked by me. To this day, it is one of my responsibilities that I both look forward to and dread. It is so hard to pick a winner. I am astounded at the skill of the many local artists. I encourage you to visit the online gallery if you haven’t already. There was no way to feature all of the amazing art.

Lynda Aird
Donna’s Journey

Gillian Steenblik

Thank you to all the artists for trusting us once again with your incredible creations!
You may visit the gallery at

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