Local Brother and Sister Win Big in Both Lamb and Steer Shows

Taylee Anderson posing with her Grand Champion Lamb

For the Anderson family, participating in the county fair is in their blood. When it comes to raising and training animals for shows, this family has been giving to the community for decades. That is why their hard work and dedication to this event paid off for Taylee and Cooper Anderson, who each took home ribbons and buckles for Grand Champion and Reserve Champion at this years fair.

Taylee Anderson, 17 years old, and Cooper Anderson, 15 years old, each get their steers in October and their lambs in April. They both hold their animals to a serious exercise and feed program. Taylee and Cooper are out in the barn about six days a week at 6 a.m. to work out their animals for a couple of hours.

The morning routine is with the lambs; they work with the steers for a few hours at night. They attend the Rocky Mountain Show Circuit as well as other open shows all over the Western US. They believe participating in many shows conditions the animals to perform better overall.

Taylee goes to Fremont High and is the Secretary of the FFA. She won Grand Champion Market Lamb, Reserve Champion Senior Showman Lamb, and Reserve Champion Market Steer.

Cooper will be a sophomore at Fremont High and is involved in the FFA and is a 4H Ambassador. This is his first year as a senior showman in his age group. Cooper won Grand Champion Steer Senior Showman, Grand Champion Lamb Senior Showman, and Reserve Champion Market Lamb. Both Taylee and Cooper received ribbons and buckles.

Cooper Anderson showing off his Grand Champion Steer

Parents Taylor and Lindsey Anderson are steer superintendents at the Weber Fair. They live in Blossom, a small town in Unincorporated Weber County. These proud parents credit their children with a lot of years of hard work and sacrifice to get to this point.

Their gratitude extends to their good group of family, friends, and mentors who have helped them along the way. Above all, this is something they get to do as a family, and that’s what they love most.

Taylee and Cooper certainly made their mark at the Weber County Fair. Between the two of them, they took home six out of the eight awards.

Their tireless work and dedication make this the first time EVER that a brother and sister won both Grand and Reserve Champion. Congrats to both Taylee and Cooper and thank you for being a part of our Weber County community!

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