Thank You, Commissioner Jenkins!

Above all, a great man seeks the welfare of others before his own; in all things, he humbly, fervently strives for excellence, not for the sake of achieving greatness, but that others might reap blessings from his leadership and find themselves made better for having known him. Over the past 30 years, Commissioner Scott Jenkins has been such a man, particularly in his service to Weber County.

In truth, it has been our greatest pleasure and honor to serve alongside a man of his caliber. Utah-born and raised, Commissioner Jenkins has dedicated his life in service to his home state. This long legacy of service includes, but is not limited to, the roles of Plain City council member, Plain City mayor, Plain City Planning Commission, Utah state senator, and Weber County Commissioner.

As a state senator for 16 years, Commissioner Jenkins was a member of a number of committees, such as the Ethics Committee, the Transportation and Public Utilities and Technology Committee, the Legislative Management Committee, the Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee, and the Economic Development and Workforce Services Confirmation Committee, to name a few. In 2009, Scott was elected as the senate majority leader and served in this position until 2012.

As Weber County commissioner, Scott prioritized making a “boots on the ground” impact to tackle intergenerational poverty by spearheading efforts to create the Weber Prosperity Center of Excellence. His efforts have resulted in millions of dollars raised and over 200 Weber County families receiving direct, substantial assistance to break the intergenerational cycle at a level never before seen in Utah. His input and leadership have also been critically instrumental in the success of many projects, including the creation of the Weber County Master Plan, the Western Weber General Plan, and the Upper Valley General Plan.

In addition to a robust and purpose-driven political career, Scott’s prowess in the corporate world has greatly impacted the plumbing, mechanical, and industrial trade industries. As a co-founder of Great Western Supply, his intimate knowledge of the plumbing industry has had a tremendous economic impact on the county level, leading to countless job creation opportunities.

With his business acumen, commitment to conservative values, and an undeniable passion for progress, Commissioner Jenkins’ contributions and leadership have refined and strengthened Weber County for generations to come. He asked tough questions, and he gave tough answers, but ultimately, it is his unwavering commitment to transparency and integrity that has made him revered by all who have had the pleasure of knowing him. In short, Commissioner Jenkins’ life and career have been marked by utmost humility and commitment to his constituents and his business.

His dedication and service to Weber County is simply a reflection of the ways he loves, leads, and pours his very essence into his family. His grandchildren especially have been constant recipients of his love and leadership. In taking them on “grandpa’s adventures”, whether it’s a hike around the rim of the Grand Canyon or supporting them at the Weber County Junior Livestock Show, Scott has always prioritized spending time with his children and grandchildren and equipping them with life skills he pursues next. We know he’ll approach it with the same level of zeal and intelligence as he has in all of his endeavors.

Thank you, Commissioner Scott Jenkins, for your service to Weber County and the State of Utah for the past 30 years. Your impact will be felt and remembered for generations to come!

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