Marriott-Slaterville 2023 State of the City

Mayor Scott Van Leeuwen

With the arrival of 2023, our community will celebrate its 25th year as Marriott-Slaterville City. This spring, I will introduce my annual budget to the City Council with no municipal property tax. As cities around us raised property tax last year, our community has been conservative in its fiscal management. So long as commercial and residential development is well planned and growth is controlled, we can maintain our infrastructure and municipal services without the need for property taxes.

In 2022, I signed a five-year contract with the Weber County Sheriff to provide law enforcement services to our community in conjunction with seven other cities. After looking at the many options, our law enforcement partnership with the Sheriff is the best option and saves considerable taxes. This new year brings fears of recession and inflation, but our community leaders are working to innovate, address disproportionate business impacts, and design projects that can utilize grants.

This will be a year of planning for the reconstruction of 1700 S. and 1200 W. between the Ogden City border and 12th Street. The property will be acquired this year so the reconstruction can commence in 2024. The project will be funded by grants obtained by the city and will include sewer and pressurized secondary water. The city is working hard to convert the old flood irrigation system to pressurized irrigation as a conservation method.

Housing and homeless issues continue to be a problem. The city is working on several projects to improve housing options. Our local leaders are also coordinating with the county to address criminal activity and homeless issues that affect our communities.

I appreciate our officials and volunteers who donate their time to this city. Consider being a volunteer. There are many ways to serve, starting with our Volunteers in Police Services (VIPS) Program and our community events.

I am pleased to state our city is in great shape. We will continue our community traditions into the new year.

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